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drevincore's Journal

19 February
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a clockwork orange, affinity, afi, american nightmare, anti-flag, arts, at the drev-in, at the drive-in, autum uprising, bane, bb king, being john malcovich, bera, berry, bob marley, bruce, christmas jones, coheed and cambria, common rider, crass, crevin, cron, crulie, david bowie, deep 13, degrassi, desmond decker, distillers, drums, elvis, family guy, fdls, frankenstiens monster, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, fun boy three, further seems forever, george harrison, glasseater, glassjaw, gutiar, happy chappy bruce francis, hemp neclaces, hey mercades, high fedelity, i accuse, international noise conspiricy, jack rubys revolver, jim morrison, john stienback, killing the vines, leftover crack, levan, lobb, mc5, mcgillen bros, minor threat, monster x, montys, mortuary, mr biliki, mud honey, mustard plug, nirvana, nofx, oasis, opiv, oxford willhouse, pedro the lion, phill molnar, pool not bombs, poop, q and not u, r-tubbs, rancid, randy newman, reading books, requiem for a dream, schools in the u.p., shai hulud, sigur ros, skate boarding, sting, taking back sunday, territorial idiots, the art of skullfucking, the beatles, the burns, the clash, the decline, the dillenger escape plan, the dismemberment plan, the doors, the doves, the flea flickers, the hives, the locust, the minutemen, the misfits, the police, the ramones, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the skatelites, the soft parade, the specials, the study of croniostasis., the transplants, the who, the whos tommy., thrice, thursday, timmy a fatty m, timmy the turtle, tom petty, tool, tragically hip, trail of dead, tubbs mullet, violent femmes, vista villa, vista woods way, walls of jericho, weezer, white stripes, xthrashitupx, xxx, zelda and the unibrows