DemOz (drevincore) wrote,

La biologia, el espanol

Okay here is my life right now I am taking two classes both of which are intro courses. The problem is that my one professor is a total gash! She stated after giving us the syllabus that "if you have not had biology before at the college level you will be quite behind in my class." HOW IS THAT FUCKING POSSIBLE?!?! How can anyone be behind in an intro course; for that matter how could anyone have a had a biology class at the college level? THIS IS THE EFFING INRTO COURSE! She is by far the worst professor I have ever had. She thinks that it is okay to hand the class a packet 5 mins before the class starts and say study this for you test you will need to know it (the test was to start in 5 mins) she then stated that she ran out of time weds to teach us this portion. What the hell is that shit! This old whore is a total weef!
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