DemOz (drevincore) wrote,


Right now I feel as though I can't shake a feeling of nervousness...I just don't know what I am nervous about.

School has been going really well. I got an A on my last government test. I was really nervous about this test so I decided I would study really really well and BAM I GOTTA A!

My music appreciation class is a pain in my asshole. I thought that it would be so simple. I thought some prof was gonna walk in and play something by Brahms and say "Do you appreciate this?" I would then nod and say " yeah, it's alright." She would at least give me a B for that statement. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS CLASS IS ABOUT AT ALLLLLLL! I have had to learn the history of classical music and how it came about, I have had to learn to identify composers just by "knowing their style." I got a packet of papers and quizzes back recently from that class and received nothing lower than a B on that group of stuff.

My logic class....this is a whole different story. MY PROF IS A FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!! I was having a hard time with logic and when I went to the professor for help he stated " I won't do your homework for you." when i said "oh ummmm well I just need you to explain how to do it. Then I will do it on my own." he said " Your looking at this wrong." I was telling another student in the class about what he said and she completely taught me how to do this formula in 5 mins I got a 100% on the test. The day before Thanksgiving this professor came in with like 10 pizzas and said "have at it" then he took out his guitar and began to play "The night they drove old dixie down" by the band which was cool but....i would have much rather learned how to do the FUCKING formula.

I watched the President's speech last night and I am torn on how I feel about it. I don't agree with war. I think issues can be solved in other ways. Although if the people you have an issue with want to start a war...what can you do. I mean if someone is going to attack you do you have to fight back or just take it? I don't in anyway support the war in Iraq. I do however somewhat understand what is happening in Afghanistan. This doesn't mean that I agree with it. The President stated last night that 30,000 more troops would be needed to complete the war in Afghanistan. I guess I can side with that if it means an end to the war. I don't know if it really does though. I am very uneven about the whole topic.

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