DemOz (drevincore) wrote,

All things must pass

Well here i am, the late night Dj at WORK. I play black sabbath and i answer the phones and stuff. I have big news which is my reason for making this post. I am dating a girl who really has her shit figured out. I have been going to school the same amount of time she has, shy 1 year. she has a degree in psychology(BA), mortuary science(BA), and is thinking of going to grad school to be a grief counselor. I have been going to MCC for so long, it is time to get my shit together. When i got out of high school my plans were to get my pre studies done at MCC and go to mortuary school, but i cocked off and got drunk instead of going to class ETC. Then i decided that I don't think i want to be a mortician anymore. so i started taking random classes for no reason and would eventually end up with an associates. Well i realized just recently that I have been in school forever (8 years) and i still dont have an associates or anything. Well live journal readers if there are any, i have declared a major. I am going to Oakland University to obtain a BA in Human Resource Development; for those who don't know what that is I will be Toby from "The Office." It seems like a good field for me to get into. people are looking for HR reps and directors hardcore right now. Starting salary is almost $85,000.00 a year. I have no plans of getting a boat, i just want to get done with school. If ya support it support it! If ya don't let me know. PEACE LOVE DOPE!
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