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[24 Sep 2014|01:21pm]
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dslkndlkncd [23 Jan 2011|12:00pm]
Go to sleep



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Things need to change. [06 Jun 2010|10:20pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I need to change things. I need to get my life on track. I think what I will do is nothing; well I will go grocery shopping, cook, watch TV, write songs, clean, work, and that stuff but I figure if i don't do anything other than that stuff I will be able to save money right?

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I gotta [12 May 2010|11:25am]
1. Finish school
2. Save Money
3. Get into HR program @ Oakland.
4. Finish my bio homework
5. Eat more BBQ
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self-defamation 2010 pt.2 [23 Mar 2010|01:59pm]
1. I sometimes don't brush my teeth all day.
2. I once broke my childhood friends families X-mas light just cause they made a cool sound. I just stood there while one of the kids got in trouble for this. I can clear as day recall the kid saying "I didn't break them dad I swear" he was grounded for a week.
3. I am a little afraid of the dark sometimes.
4. I never actually finished reading "Atlas Shrugged" even though i have had several arguments about my disagreements with the book.
5. I once ate a pizza that was sitting in the back of my brothers car for five months.
6. I have voted republican. (local office only)
7. I wish it was self defamation week every week.
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self-defamation 2010 [22 Mar 2010|02:00pm]
1. I often poo in the lower level bathroom at work instead of using the other bathrooms because i know that the exhaust fan in the lower level bathroom leads right into another room. Depending on which colleague is in this other room is how i determine which bathroom i shall poop in.
2. I cheated off on Ken Czop's math paper in the first grade.
3. I once hit a dog with my car. The dog was okay. I offered to take the dog to the vet, the owner of the dog was such a weef though that i just left the scene.(The dog was not on a leash)
4. I pooped myself due to a rather unexpected sneeze while i was doing the dishes a few months ago.
thats all i got.
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"like the drink only spelled diffrently" [28 Feb 2010|03:19pm]
I think "The Green Mile" is a great movie.
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La biologia, el espanol [15 Feb 2010|02:50pm]
Okay here is my life right now I am taking two classes both of which are intro courses. The problem is that my one professor is a total gash! She stated after giving us the syllabus that "if you have not had biology before at the college level you will be quite behind in my class." HOW IS THAT FUCKING POSSIBLE?!?! How can anyone be behind in an intro course; for that matter how could anyone have a had a biology class at the college level? THIS IS THE EFFING INRTO COURSE! She is by far the worst professor I have ever had. She thinks that it is okay to hand the class a packet 5 mins before the class starts and say study this for you test you will need to know it (the test was to start in 5 mins) she then stated that she ran out of time weds to teach us this portion. What the hell is that shit! This old whore is a total weef!
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Can I borrow a quarter? [12 Jan 2010|08:26pm]
I would like to state how much I HATE Billy Mitchell. I FUCKING HATE HIM! For those who don't know who this evil fuck is rent the film "King of Kong (fistful of quarters) You will feel the same way I do. I promise.
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Happy Holidays! [27 Dec 2009|02:23pm]
I am not afraid to say Happy Holidays. I know that other people don't celebrate Santa's birth and I am okay with that. On the subject of Christmas I had a great one I hope you all did too. I got some neat stuff for X-mas. Some of my favorite gifts go:
1. Photobucket
I dig this gift which was given to me by Rebecca because it uses no electricity (other that heating the water) and i can take it into my room or the living room and refill my cup. It makes a great cup of coffee!
2. Photobucket
This one here is pretty rad. It is a roku which allows me to view my Netfilx instant Queue on my television rather than my computer. It also allows me to look at facebook photos and listen to music. It is a very cool device. I recommend this to any Netflix user.
3. Photobucket
These were a replacement gift. The Ray bans i had last year broke. I really don't have a thing for name brands; in fact I think most clothes and things are better quality if they are a "no name brand." Ray Bans though!!! thats a quality product.

Those were the most useful and fav gifts i got this year. I asked for all of them. I also got some books and dvds from folks. It was all very much appreciated.
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DIVER [06 Dec 2009|08:18pm]
I am very very very late on this post i am sorry for that. Diver passed away a little over two months ago for those of you who didn't know diver he was a fine fine hound
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LYFE [02 Dec 2009|11:22am]
Right now I feel as though I can't shake a feeling of nervousness...I just don't know what I am nervous about.

School has been going really well. I got an A on my last government test. I was really nervous about this test so I decided I would study really really well and BAM I GOTTA A!

My music appreciation class is a pain in my asshole. I thought that it would be so simple. I thought some prof was gonna walk in and play something by Brahms and say "Do you appreciate this?" I would then nod and say " yeah, it's alright." She would at least give me a B for that statement. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS CLASS IS ABOUT AT ALLLLLLL! I have had to learn the history of classical music and how it came about, I have had to learn to identify composers just by "knowing their style." I got a packet of papers and quizzes back recently from that class and received nothing lower than a B on that group of stuff.

My logic class....this is a whole different story. MY PROF IS A FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!! I was having a hard time with logic and when I went to the professor for help he stated " I won't do your homework for you." when i said "oh ummmm well I just need you to explain how to do it. Then I will do it on my own." he said " Your looking at this wrong." I was telling another student in the class about what he said and she completely taught me how to do this formula in 5 mins I got a 100% on the test. The day before Thanksgiving this professor came in with like 10 pizzas and said "have at it" then he took out his guitar and began to play "The night they drove old dixie down" by the band which was cool but....i would have much rather learned how to do the FUCKING formula.

I watched the President's speech last night and I am torn on how I feel about it. I don't agree with war. I think issues can be solved in other ways. Although if the people you have an issue with want to start a war...what can you do. I mean if someone is going to attack you do you have to fight back or just take it? I don't in anyway support the war in Iraq. I do however somewhat understand what is happening in Afghanistan. This doesn't mean that I agree with it. The President stated last night that 30,000 more troops would be needed to complete the war in Afghanistan. I guess I can side with that if it means an end to the war. I don't know if it really does though. I am very uneven about the whole topic.

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Dear TCF [28 Nov 2009|04:57pm]
I would like you to know that I am going to no longer do business with you due to the fact that you think it is okay to fool you customers and steal money from them. then when I spoke to a representative of your company and told him that my account was never in a negative balance he stated " Mr. McGillen you are looking at it wrong." well I will be looking at it from another fucking bank now!
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LOGIC [23 Nov 2009|03:06pm]
My Logic class is an absolute bust! FIRST i have a prof who is fucking strange. He is old as hell and says really strange stuff. He is for sure starting a cover band with some girl in class, they talk about it all the damn time! He came in last week and stated " Things in the office have become quite stressful i need a break. This class will now be a workshop" a workshop? What the hell is that. I didn't pay for a work shop! holy shit! SECOND I have been in this class every class and I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK LOGIC IS!!!!! BUSTED!
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WEEZER [03 Nov 2009|04:58pm]
It is no secret that I am a HUGE Weezer fan. I have really enjoyed a lot of the unpopular weezer albums. I know Weezer won't ever make a blue album again or a pinkerton. I came to the realization when the green album came out. Today weezer has released their 7th studio album. I am listening to in now so I am going to review it!!

The seventh Weezer album "Raditude" came out day and starts out very strong with track 1 (If your wondering if I want you to) I want you to. This tunes is a great track 1 single. Track 2 "i am your daddy" is not a bad track, It didn't excite me the way that the first track did. Track 3 "the girl got hot" starts out and sounds very similar to gone fishin. This track is a very lame story of how a girl...well, got hot. Track 4 "can't stop partying" could be a great daft punk tune. This track has auto tuning and has a rap part by lil Wayne on it and he says fuck. I don't know if weezer has ever said fuck on an album. track 5 "put me back together" This is a decent weezer tune. Classic rivers lyrics. Maybe the 2nd best track on the disc. Track 6 "tripping down the freeway" is the most "classic Weezer" sound on the album. Track 7 "love is the answer" begins with sitar and Indian Drum beats.....them some girl named Amrita sen sings the chorus using auto tuning(i hated this track.) Track 8 "let it all hang out" Good weezer tune. I really like this song, it has really goo guitar work. Track 9 "In the mall" This isn't a bad tune either, this track comes to us from drummer/guitar Patrick Wilson I have nothing against this song. Track 10 " I don't want to let you go" Okay Rivers we all know your a dad now! The final track of Raditude "turn me around" is a solid tune. I like the production work on this song it is kinda raw.

This record gets a solid C
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i know everyone is going to get bummed at me. [02 Nov 2009|04:00pm]
I like twitter. I use it very often, if you also like twitter please follow me


I am sure people would comment if anyone read livejournal anymore saying "twitter is fucking lame" i thought the same thing now i am into it biggggg tiimmmme.
I don't write in here enough, i do like going back and reading my old livejournal entries. I like reading what a pole I used to be...and I guess I still am.
I often wonder what will be next, what will top twitter. It seems to me now that myspace is pretty much dead. Facebook is going really strong; it is a matter of time before that dies as well. I also seem to go back to livejournal always. it is pretty consistant.
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today [07 Jul 2009|06:35pm]
I am up really really early. I don"t go to work for another 2 hrs but I did get the into the classes I wanted to! I hoe today is a good day! K bye. :)
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Problems with the world! [07 Jul 2009|02:50am]

See this picture? YOU PUT A BANDAGE ON A CUT!!!!!!!

I know I know there is world hunger and I think it is terrible, but you can't do shit by painting a picture of the earth with a bandage on it. That image does nothing. If it does anything at all it makes people thing the world is "getting better." or just has "boo boo" is that even how you spell that? I don't really have any idea why I am writing this or went through the time to post the picture.

alright, here is what set me off. I was walking into a doctors office today, and I had to ride the elevator. My only hope all day was that I wouldn't die and that I could ride that elevator alone both ways up and down. I would have even been happy to allow an old couple to ride up alone with each other just to get in that elevator myself. To my luck and surprise I walked into an empty elevator with no one on it. I let out a huge sigh of relief!! Just as I hit my floor button and leaned up against the wall and realized life couldn't be any better, A female with a fucking stroller and kid ran up and said HOLD IT PLEASE! I quickly pushed the door open button and let them on MY elevator. I know for a fact that I would be an asshole if I hit the close door button (don't think for a second it didn't cross my mind), I know for a fact that I couldn't do that. The whole moral of the story is I will never get what I want. EVER!!!! Is it such a big fucking deal to just want to ride the fucking elevator alone? This is one of the many reasons the world will never be healed.

I took the stairs when I left.

Love, Kaykes
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All things must pass [27 Jun 2009|07:10am]
Well here i am, the late night Dj at WORK. I play black sabbath and i answer the phones and stuff. I have big news which is my reason for making this post. I am dating a girl who really has her shit figured out. I have been going to school the same amount of time she has, shy 1 year. she has a degree in psychology(BA), mortuary science(BA), and is thinking of going to grad school to be a grief counselor. I have been going to MCC for so long, it is time to get my shit together. When i got out of high school my plans were to get my pre studies done at MCC and go to mortuary school, but i cocked off and got drunk instead of going to class ETC. Then i decided that I don't think i want to be a mortician anymore. so i started taking random classes for no reason and would eventually end up with an associates. Well i realized just recently that I have been in school forever (8 years) and i still dont have an associates or anything. Well live journal readers if there are any, i have declared a major. I am going to Oakland University to obtain a BA in Human Resource Development; for those who don't know what that is I will be Toby from "The Office." It seems like a good field for me to get into. people are looking for HR reps and directors hardcore right now. Starting salary is almost $85,000.00 a year. I have no plans of getting a boat, i just want to get done with school. If ya support it support it! If ya don't let me know. PEACE LOVE DOPE!
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j & K + 8 + tv deal = divorce [24 Jun 2009|04:33am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Like my older brother Tubbs stated in his blog don't much care for reality television. I will admit that I do enjoy a good episode or two of " I am a celebrity get me out of here" i like this because when i went to to look up who the celebrities are on this program and Googles response was "ask yahoo". Yahoo"s response was "fuck if i Know" I still enjoy the television show from time to time. I must also state although I doubt anyone even reads my livejournal anymore, looking back on past entries I don't blame you. back to the Jon and Kate thing. I must state that I have never seen an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 but I know what is going on. I have been lucky enough to have thumbed through a people magazine here and there at different places. I know for sure one thing Jon and Kate are getting and that is ratings. I think my issue and what is on the mind of everyone else is their children. These kids are looking for years of fuckupering. There are the two twins okay; and there lives are doing well then Jon plants his seed in Kate and things go nuts she spawns 6 children at once! So now there lives are completely fucked and will never be the same. I predict that the six children have to feel somewhat responsible. The twins will one day say something like " EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL YOU SIX FUCKS CAME ALONG" I wouldn't blame them for saying that i can't it is true. That is not to say that it is their fault, it isn't. Things were different before the six kids were born though. Now a question I need answered Did Jon cheat on his wife? and, Are they getting a divorce? I will find out this information soon enough I am sure just by walking into my local CVS I am sure people magazine will have the answer to my questions placed very conveniently on the front cover.

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