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Happy Holidays!

I am not afraid to say Happy Holidays. I know that other people don't celebrate Santa's birth and I am okay with that. On the subject of Christmas I had a great one I hope you all did too. I got some neat stuff for X-mas. Some of my favorite gifts go:
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I dig this gift which was given to me by Rebecca because it uses no electricity (other that heating the water) and i can take it into my room or the living room and refill my cup. It makes a great cup of coffee!
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This one here is pretty rad. It is a roku which allows me to view my Netfilx instant Queue on my television rather than my computer. It also allows me to look at facebook photos and listen to music. It is a very cool device. I recommend this to any Netflix user.
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These were a replacement gift. The Ray bans i had last year broke. I really don't have a thing for name brands; in fact I think most clothes and things are better quality if they are a "no name brand." Ray Bans though!!! thats a quality product.

Those were the most useful and fav gifts i got this year. I asked for all of them. I also got some books and dvds from folks. It was all very much appreciated.
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