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It is no secret that I am a HUGE Weezer fan. I have really enjoyed a lot of the unpopular weezer albums. I know Weezer won't ever make a blue album again or a pinkerton. I came to the realization when the green album came out. Today weezer has released their 7th studio album. I am listening to in now so I am going to review it!!

The seventh Weezer album "Raditude" came out day and starts out very strong with track 1 (If your wondering if I want you to) I want you to. This tunes is a great track 1 single. Track 2 "i am your daddy" is not a bad track, It didn't excite me the way that the first track did. Track 3 "the girl got hot" starts out and sounds very similar to gone fishin. This track is a very lame story of how a girl...well, got hot. Track 4 "can't stop partying" could be a great daft punk tune. This track has auto tuning and has a rap part by lil Wayne on it and he says fuck. I don't know if weezer has ever said fuck on an album. track 5 "put me back together" This is a decent weezer tune. Classic rivers lyrics. Maybe the 2nd best track on the disc. Track 6 "tripping down the freeway" is the most "classic Weezer" sound on the album. Track 7 "love is the answer" begins with sitar and Indian Drum beats.....them some girl named Amrita sen sings the chorus using auto tuning(i hated this track.) Track 8 "let it all hang out" Good weezer tune. I really like this song, it has really goo guitar work. Track 9 "In the mall" This isn't a bad tune either, this track comes to us from drummer/guitar Patrick Wilson I have nothing against this song. Track 10 " I don't want to let you go" Okay Rivers we all know your a dad now! The final track of Raditude "turn me around" is a solid tune. I like the production work on this song it is kinda raw.

This record gets a solid C
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