DemOz (drevincore) wrote,

Problems with the world!

See this picture? YOU PUT A BANDAGE ON A CUT!!!!!!!

I know I know there is world hunger and I think it is terrible, but you can't do shit by painting a picture of the earth with a bandage on it. That image does nothing. If it does anything at all it makes people thing the world is "getting better." or just has "boo boo" is that even how you spell that? I don't really have any idea why I am writing this or went through the time to post the picture.

alright, here is what set me off. I was walking into a doctors office today, and I had to ride the elevator. My only hope all day was that I wouldn't die and that I could ride that elevator alone both ways up and down. I would have even been happy to allow an old couple to ride up alone with each other just to get in that elevator myself. To my luck and surprise I walked into an empty elevator with no one on it. I let out a huge sigh of relief!! Just as I hit my floor button and leaned up against the wall and realized life couldn't be any better, A female with a fucking stroller and kid ran up and said HOLD IT PLEASE! I quickly pushed the door open button and let them on MY elevator. I know for a fact that I would be an asshole if I hit the close door button (don't think for a second it didn't cross my mind), I know for a fact that I couldn't do that. The whole moral of the story is I will never get what I want. EVER!!!! Is it such a big fucking deal to just want to ride the fucking elevator alone? This is one of the many reasons the world will never be healed.

I took the stairs when I left.

Love, Kaykes
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