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j & K + 8 + tv deal = divorce

Like my older brother Tubbs stated in his blog don't much care for reality television. I will admit that I do enjoy a good episode or two of " I am a celebrity get me out of here" i like this because when i went to to look up who the celebrities are on this program and Googles response was "ask yahoo". Yahoo"s response was "fuck if i Know" I still enjoy the television show from time to time. I must also state although I doubt anyone even reads my livejournal anymore, looking back on past entries I don't blame you. back to the Jon and Kate thing. I must state that I have never seen an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 but I know what is going on. I have been lucky enough to have thumbed through a people magazine here and there at different places. I know for sure one thing Jon and Kate are getting and that is ratings. I think my issue and what is on the mind of everyone else is their children. These kids are looking for years of fuckupering. There are the two twins okay; and there lives are doing well then Jon plants his seed in Kate and things go nuts she spawns 6 children at once! So now there lives are completely fucked and will never be the same. I predict that the six children have to feel somewhat responsible. The twins will one day say something like " EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL YOU SIX FUCKS CAME ALONG" I wouldn't blame them for saying that i can't it is true. That is not to say that it is their fault, it isn't. Things were different before the six kids were born though. Now a question I need answered Did Jon cheat on his wife? and, Are they getting a divorce? I will find out this information soon enough I am sure just by walking into my local CVS I am sure people magazine will have the answer to my questions placed very conveniently on the front cover.
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